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- Shelter Home for homeless community
- Shelter Home for physically challenged persons
- Shelter Home for the patients/attendants visiting AIIMS/ Safdarjung Hospital from the nearby
- Blood Donation
- Best Guardian

Education (Both formal and Non-formal)
PRERNA is running non-formal education (NFE) centers based on the SCERT scheme as well as formal education for the children of Homeless community. The education ensures the enjoyment of childhood and also provides various positive ways/options for future.

If we analysis the details of negative elements/ persons, the basic reason for their negative attitude is emerging from their improper childhood atmosphere. Hence PRERNA is giving highest attention to education of children. PRERNA is regularly and successfully enrolling girls and boys in the Class 10th/12th through National Institute of open school (NIOS).

Adult Education
Our organization has attempted to facilitate a program that encourages adult literacy and teachers valuable skills. For example, adults enrolled in the program receive a primary education to understand the vocational requirements of day to day life.

Health care
Health is the most important part of human being for all purpose. We are conducting health related camps for clusters with the help of qualified medical staff. During these health check-up camps we provide medical treatment and medicines on the spot for the beneficiaries. We are also extending care through hospitalization of patients with serious nature disease. We organize the following type of camps:-

- Mother and child health care (MCH) & family planning camps.
- General health check-up camps.
- Tuberculosis Awareness camps.
- Dental check-up camps.
- HIV/AIDS Awareness camps.
- Malaria /Dengu awareness camps.

Besides all our NFE centre are provided with first aid boxes for minor cuts, burns etc. Medical treatments on emergency for Children are also provided by us. Medical camps and providing free medicines to the needy is also conducted regularly.

Old age Day care Center
PRERNA Day care center for elderly people established on 23rd February, 2007 at DDA community Hall in Gautam Nagar, New Delhi. PRERNA reach the elderly people and assisting them for financial help (old age, widow, handicapped and divorcee pension), health related issues, entertainment, reading and for emotional security.

Medical checkup camps twice a month are being conducted. Medicines are also provided to members at free of cost. Members who are the patient of asthma, tuberculosis, and blood pressure etc provided with necessary medicines.

Celebration of National and International Days
Children living in slums come from all kinds of cultural backgrounds and belong to different religions. With so much diversity, there still exists a feeling of unity, brotherhood, and friendship among all the children. In India, a lot of festivals are celebrated to cater to all kinds of religions. This is the same with our organization. Events/programmes are regularly being organized during all festivals in our NFE centers i.e. at Bal Divas, International girl child day, Holi, Diwali, Eid, Christmas etc, to feel the children happy and this helps in strengthening the bonds that exist regardless of caste, religion and colour.

Fun Trips
The concept behind this activity of taking the children on a fun visit is feel the children happy and linking recreation with education, creating hope, idea and to set target of ambitious goal during childhood. During the fun trip children are visiting historic, scientific, re-creative places and museums etc. like Red fort, Doll museum, Science Centre, National Museum.


Vocational Training
In India there are a lot of students dropping out primary and secondary education and seeking vocational training during their adult hood/after marriage to support the family economically. Accordingly, PRERNA is facilitating the training programme to the needy approaching the organization. Vocational training is the backbone for each and every one to earn for day to day livelihood. Vocational training for youth is an integral part of social work that we have been doing from the starting. We have now succeeded in strengthening our activities in this field. This is particularly relevant in the context of children/youth who did not have the opportunity to complete their education or learn useful skills for making them profitably self employed and able to stand on their own feet.

We are conducting Vocational training programmes covering a broad range on following subjects:
Computer training,
Dress making (Cutting, tailoring & Embroidery),
Jewelry making,
Mobile Repairing,
Greeting Card Making,
Candle making
Driving etc.
TV, Electrical appliance repair and service,
Automobile repair and service,

Workshop / Capacity Building
Under privilege children are the vulnerable target group and very easy prey for lot of exploitation, harassment at the hands of their employers, police, local goons and general public. They are mainly involved in various activities like begging, vending, rickshaw pulling, casual labour and rag picking etc,. They have a lot of chance to help or use the drugs, alcohol etc., and consequently, they develop low self esteem, lack of confidence which may further lead them into bad habits like stealing, drug abuse etc. To prevent this initially, PRERNA has always made efforts towards their empowerment and making them self-reliant and independent by conducting various issue based capacity building workshops for them.

Police awareness program
Police has a major role in controlling law and order situation everywhere and has direct contact with the under privilege children always. A policeman can help/protect a child who is vulnerable to all kinds of exploitations. Therefore, it becomes utmost importance that humanitarian approach of police is essential to protect these children and to keep the law and order of the land. PRERNA made a bridge between police and under privilege children by conducting joint get-together programmes. The important legislation, which comes into play especially for street children, is Juvenile Justice Act 2000. Awareness programs for policemen for better understanding of the provision and proper use for the benefit of children are regularly rganized. We are also organizing programmes between Police and under privilege children to share their views/issues for better understanding.

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